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Chinese Medicine is an ancient medicine. It is one of the oldest healing systems in the world and has evolved over thousands of years. Chinese medicine includes acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and body work such as cupping, tuina and gua sha.  Chinese medicine looks at the body as a whole system and will diagnosis and treat the body as a whole system. When you treat the root of the problem instead of only focusing on the symptoms, the patient will experience healing that will be long lasting.  Chinese Medicine believes that everyone has their own natural ability to heal. As practitioners of Chinese Medicine we use acupuncture and herbs to remind the body how to work efficiently and find balance so that the body can heal itself. At Key Element Acupuncture I will work with you and your western doctor to help find your optimal health. When a person is in balance and working efficiently they will have more energy, sleep better, and experience better health all around. 


I strongly believe in the benefit of preventative health. It is best to get a treatment at the first sign or symptom of imbalance. The longer a problem has been going on, the more treatments will be needed. Your body is constantly giving signs of imbalance. This is why Chinese Medicine practitioners ask so many questions that don't seem relevant to your main symptom or chief complaint. These signs and symptoms help us identify where the imbalance is so that we can give you the best treatment possible.  


At Key Element Acupuncture I believe that it is vital to treat everyone as a whole and treat the root of the problem along with providing relief of whatever symptom the patient is currently experiencing. 


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