Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture is a very relaxing treatment that addresses the face and the body as a whole. The treatment can help increase blood circulation to the face, improve facial tone and firmness while stimulating collagen production to leave you with a fresh rejuvenated appearance. We will also treat your body so that any underlying issues that could be affecting your skin are also being addressed. Your face is a manifestation of what is happening on the inside. If you are stressed or not sleeping well, that will eventually show up on your face. With facial acupuncture, we will revitalize from both the inside and outside. 

We finish each treatment with gentle facial cupping and gua sha to leave you feeling so relaxed.

Recommended Treatment Plan

We recommended committing to a series of 10 treatments. It's important to do the full series because it takes the body about a month to start producing collagen. Ideally, it is recommended to book 2 treatments a week for 5 weeks. If you are unable to commit to 2 treatments per week, we can do 1 treatment per week for 10 weeks. 

After the initial series of treatments, monthly maintenance treatments are encouraged to maintain your fresh, rejuvenated appearance. 

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Facial Rejuvenation: $120

10 Treatment package: $1100