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Why do you ask about my poop?

Acupuncturists love to talk about poop! Why? Because it tells us so much about what is going on internally. That’s why we often ask about digestion and bowel movements. In Chinese Medicine, there are many different reasons you may be experiencing bloating or digestive problems so the more details we can get, the better we can treat it.

Below are some of our most common recommendations to support digestion and decrease bloating.

  • Avoid cold and raw foods and drink warm liquids with meals

  • Chew foods thoroughly

  • Take a daily probiotic

  • Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables and avoid processed foods

  • Do abdominal massage to help encourage digestion. Rub your abdomen in a clockwise circle starting with small circles and gradually becoming bigger.

  • Manage your level of stress and worry because they negatively affect digestion

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can improve digestion also. If you’re struggling, let me support you! Book an appointment online. And please, don't be embarrassed to tell me all about your poop!


Do you have health concerns & wonder if acupuncture is right for you?

Key Element Acupuncture is here to help you with pain, digestion, stress, anxiety, fertility, and so much more! Call or email with questions or book an appointment online!

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